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Hello World, Indeed.

Hello World, Indeed.

So when you start a WordPress blog the default post is “Hello World” and that seems like the most appropriate way to kick things off here. This post is just to share a bit of background on why I’m going down this road at long last and after many wasted hours of talking myself out of doing it. I have long been a closet writer; dabbling in speeches, marketing copy, presentations and award submissions, business letters and other subversive means of playing with words without ever really being judged by them. You see I believe that when you have a public blog, you have a certain responsibility to your readers to add value. You’re asking people to trade precious time for useful insights, relatable experiences and maybe even a little entertainment just to keep things interesting. So I hope to live up to that challenge and I’m sure you’ll let me know if I don’t because I’ll just be talking to myself around here. So with that I’m paddling out into the deep waters here.

Topics, Tags and other Assorted Categories

So what can you expect from this corner of the web? What topics will you read about here? Well I have a great many ideas but I will try to keep my deficit of attention focused long enough to give this blog some context. What can anyone write about but the things you feel you know well or are deeply passionate about, or at least curious enough to explore. So in my world those things fall into the following, unprioritized list:

  • Entrepreneurship – As an active board member of the South Florida chapter of EO, I continue to enjoy tremendous personal and business growth through the experiences of my peers here and around the world. We are an organization of 10,000+ members who each own $1M+ businesses and share a thirst for learning. I have learned that being an entrepreneur is as incredibly rewarding as it is challenging and there is so much to share.
  • Marketing & Design – For 25 years I have been exploring the boundaries of a creative career with a focus on design, creativity and marketing. In that time I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with brands, projects and people from all over and I’ve taken away many insights from a mountain of bad ideas and a few great ones. I continue to learn something new everyday about this industry and I love that pace of change. I hope to share some of the best and worst of it with you.
  • Technology and Science – Can you say geek? Well geeks seem to rule the world these days, so I guess it’s safe now to come out as a long time geek with a love of all things with buttons. I find the world of technology and science to be fascinating in the pace of change as well as the risks that those changes pose as well. I believe that our technology evolution is inevitable but not all of it is useful. I’ll bring you ideas and insights to consider that I believe will impact our world today and tomorrow.
  • My Own Humanity – If you’ll indulge me, I will also try to share some personal insights about my own journey to explore my own boundaries and find new ways to go beyond them. I’ve spent many years just looking to understand and reinvent what’s possible. My hope is that through my own exploration you can find your own path. I’m just warning you that I don’t plan on just playing it safe here. You’ll get the real deal and it’s up to you to decide if you find it useful.
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